Fox College Football

Fox sports design came to Superfad with a request. They needed a promo package for their new College football programing. Something that was energetic, poppy, and on brand with the dramatic tone set by Fox Sports. The concept; a cube which transforms out into a massive abstraction of college football icons and themes. The challenge; well, beyond the obvious giant party machine, creating a semblance of coherency in what initially feels like a smattering of stuff.

Our solution for such a dramatic and abstract idea was to give this machine a reason. Give it a seemingly operable structure while keeping the abstract nature of the overall style. The end result is a giant robotic machine which appears to be growing continuously outwards revealing sections within to host the various footage and team assets. When it all comes together what are you left with? I giant football loving/collecting robotic party machine of course!

Agency: FOX Sports Design
Studio: Superfad
Executive Creative Director: Will Hyde
Art Director: Loren Judah
Designers: Loren Judah, James Camanyag, Greg Herman
CG Lead: Matt Guzzardo
Lead Modeler/Texture Artist: Adam Rosenzweig
Modeling: Andrew Butterworth, Phiphat Pinyosophon, Patrick Clarke
Animation: Patrick Clarke, Greg Bekken, Andrew Butterworth, Phiphat Pinyosophon
Lighting/Texturing: Mirelle Underwood, Weichieh Yu
Simulations/FX: Phiphat Pinyosophon
CG Interns: Kyle Humphrey, Kevin Lu
Lead Compositor: Joel Voelker
Compositors: Paul Barkshire, Kaleb Coleman, Chris Hunsberger, Paul Cantor, Dorian West
Design/Compositing Intern: Jose Diaz
Editor: Ryan Haug
Colorist: Joel Voelker
Producer: Aimée Safko
Head of Production: Nannette Buroker
Executive Producer: Chris Volckmann