For the past two years, I have had the pleasure of crafting experiences for Microsoft's '3D for Everyone' family of products.

This work includes building and shipping Remix 3D, Mobile 3D ScanningPaint 3D, 3D for Office, Mixed Reality Viewer and other future innovations for Microsoft. The video below demonstrates these products and how the family of products integrate with each other to provide a fun and seamless creative workflow. More information on current role and case studies available upon request.

Responsibilities include:

•Develop the look and feel of UI animation, interaction and user experience for the Microsoft Mixed Reality and '3D For Everyone' family of products.

•Manage, mentor & direct designers, motion and interaction efforts across multiple products and devices.

•Create detailed animations to explore proposed interaction models.

•Lead product features from concept to implementation for design team.

•Provide patterns, best practices and guidance on animation and transitions for different devices.

•Collaborate with UX designers and devs as they incorporate motion into their work to enhance interactivity and delight users.

•Develop and execute plans to reduce perceived latency in our experiences.

•Manage collaboration with user research team to inform design decisions and direction.

•Develop, lead and maintain motion design pipeline that integrates within existing design & engineering workflows for teams that work in both XAML and CSS among others.

•Work with developers to clearly communicate motion and visual direction.

•Develop and maintain organization-wide motion principles.

•Help create and develop the motion design principles for Window's Fluent design system (see video below).