Open Government Partnership

Watch the video debut

Client: Open Government Partnership
Directed by: Harry R. Calbom & The Academy
Music by: J. Ralph
Writers: Harry R. Calbom, Caroline Maulden, Jeremy Weinstein, Julie McCarthy
Art Director: Kaleb Coleman
2D Design / Animation: Kaleb Coleman, Mike Holm, Nick Simmons, Corey Dawson Hall
3D Animation: David Holm
Storyboards: Kaleb Coleman, Corey Dawson Hall, Lindsay Daniels
Producer: Harry R. Calbom
Special Thanks: Austin Wilson, Justin Henning, Mckenna Turner

Working with The Academy and an extremely short deadline, I helped create an informative video for the launch of the Open Government Partnership (OGP). The video played in New York on September 20th, 2011 for President Obama, Hilary Clinton and seven government representatives from around the world.